We Believe in putting passion, imagination and individuality back into Client relationships.
At M.I. Interior Inc., we feel Residential Interior Decor should not only be elegant and infinite but also unique and eye-catching, making your home a one-of-a-kind in your own personal style. Blending an array of finishes, Faux Marble Painting along with incorporating the expertise in Interior Decor allows us to produce an impressive end result.
Equally at home In Commercial Decor, our goal is to bring zeal, enthusiasm and edginess back into these projects. Fusing materials, colors, arts and branding as well as simultaneously working closely with team members creates a classic and responsive atmosphere.
Whether for Residential or Commercial Design, we know you will immediately be able to differentiate us  from the others. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations!

Exterior Decor

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M.I. Interior provides design solutions which encompass all aspects of exterior design from initial concept to final implementation. Its exterior services also will give your building design a truly unique look. If that something special is the look you need for your exterior design project then the company has the answer.

As a small company which thinks big, M.I. Interior's exterior and renovation services are much more than just simple concrete installation. It design combines applied architecture sensibility and modern aesthetic to create perfect additions to any home or commercial space.

Michael Issaev's work makes a superb centre piece for discerning individuals wishing to make an impact in their home. He brings the mural and wall art to life and gives your outside décor a whole new aspect with stunning printing solutions.

M.I. Interior Inc. take pride in providing décor ideas to dramatically change the style of existing facades and re-designing interior spaces, to allow the home to fulfill today’s lifestyle requirements.
Whether you want to increase the resale value of your home, or you just want it to look its best inside and out, nothing does both like the look of Toronto stone crafted designs. Yet, natural stone can be prohibitively expensive.

Faux stone art is the surprisingly affordable alternative to natural stone that's capturing the attention of the architectural design and renovating world. Its elegant beauty and practical efficiency affords many exciting design options for both interior and exterior decoraton, creating a harmony between your outdoor and indoor living spaces.


Interior Decor

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Whether the home is a historic townhouse or contemporary residential loft, M.I. Interior is known for his classic approach to interior design. The company's unique solutions are also ideal for hotel interior design as well as restaurant interiors and interior designs.

Although finished look is personal and relates to the client's own sense of style, with Michael Issaev's guiding influence the aim always been for timeless design. Mixing the old and the new, Michael brings his passion of architecture with 'good bones" into all his projects. Regardless of the style, Michael's work always displays a refined sense of appropriateness and sophistication.

The secret to M.I. Interior's professional quality is the combination of creative and technical skills with unusual materials.


At M.I. Interior Inc., we offer all aspects of Interior Decor including :

  • Consultation
  • Full Service Residential & Commercial Interior Decor
  • Collaborating with Architects, Builders & Contractors
  • Interior Color & Finish Selections
  • Faux Marble Painting



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