M.I. Interior Inc. pleased to offer a Fine Art Mural Painting Service

Let our highly experienced mural artist transform your home or commercial premises and convert your plain walls into spectacularly realistic scenes you'll believe you can step into.
Fine art murals add a sense of grandeur, open space and stunning originality. They provide an unending visual treat and a talking point for you and your guests.

Our murals are tailored to the specific design requirements of our clientele and are conceptually limitless.

Whether you envisage a classical view of rolling ocean waves on an untouched beach or architectural fragment, your ideas can be transposed to your walls...giving you a "Room with a View"

Fine Art

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You must all be familiar with murals, and the most famous mural is the one by Michelangelo painted on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel in Rome. The 3- dimensional effect on the wall really gives a feeling of depth to this masterpiece.

Custom-designed and hand-printed murals are fabulous decision for interior and exterior decoration of modern homes and offices, both residential and commercial.  
A beautiful mural can become the focal point of a room and can make a drab room into a fabulous one. Mural is an exceptionally good choice for your child's room to reflect his favorite interest (sports anyone?) or in the nursery for your little one.

Mural painting techniques can also be used to create a faux finish and can be used to camouflage certain structural flaws in the building.


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 ‘”When I do mural, I feel that I am making my client's dream come true” – says Michael Issaev. He will work with you on colours and designs, drawing from your imagination and years of his professional experience.


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