Commercial and Residential D├ęcor by M.I. Interior Inc.

Established in 1992 M.I. Interior Inc. provides professional and innovative design solutions, along with professional advice, for residential and commercial properties. We provide both interior and exterior design service, with every project providing an innovative marbleizing art solution that achieves the perfect balance between function and aesthetics. We understand the role of decor in architecture internally and externally and rely on our extensive experience and knowledge of equipment and systems to ennobling of building design.

Visitors to our web site are usually looking to either extend their existing industrial or commercial premises or to build a bespoke facility. Some will be looking at design and construction options, whilst others will be ready to engage a building contractor in either a design and build, or traditional form of contract.
All visitors will be searching for a construction company they can do business with. A company that offers a professional service to construct your building as efficiently as possible. A construction company that combines excellent project management with value for money. That company is M.I.Interior Inc. construction.

This site is the perfect place to start gathering ideas and information. Please take a little time to look through our past projects of industrial and commercial construction.





Faux Marble Painting.
Michael Issaev decided to work in the Faux Marble Finishing and set a goal to create a perfect imitation of marble which could satisfy the most refined and exquisite taste. This form of painting is unique of Michael's work. Using a variety of materials and mediums to impart his distinctive colours, style and texture to any surface imaginable, adding beauty and value to the exclusive residential and commercial properties.




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